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Ruger GP-100 .40 S&W  - 6 Shot / Champion Model (.050 Thick)

Ruger GP-100 .40 S&W - 6 Shot / Champion Model (.050 Thick)

SKU : ruger gp-100 40sw-050

Ruger GP-100 Champion Model: Enables the firing of .40 S&W cartridges in this 10mm revolver, enabling correct headspace to proper ignition. These clips fit most .40 S&W brass. Clips are .050 thick Stainless Steel. Package of 10. Fitment was designed to fit Winchester, Remington and CorBon. Other brands may fit tighter. Loading tool and unloading tool is highly reccomended. With the .050 moon clips headspace is approximately .010, as it should be.

Testimonial: David C. / Colorado

Ruger GP100 Match Champion  Caliber:  10 mm

Complaint: .40 S&W in same pistol has a horrible failure rate using Ruger branded 10mm Moon clips (split style, thickness .032) Failure rate with Ruger split clips = 40%                                                       

Cause/s: VERY light firing pin strike.       

Possibly excess headspace.                      

The OEM Ruger 10mm Split clips are deemed by me to be Less than half as good!  Flimsy at best, easy to load, BUT, EASY to bend out of shape!! (& Un-Usable)                                                                                      

Failure rate of reloads using CCI primers & using Ruger Split Moon clips = 40%                                                  

Failure rate of reloads using Federal 100 small pistol primers & Ruger Split moon clips= 10%                    

TK Custom .40 S&W / .050 Thick Moon Clips

Testing Conclusions:     

When using .050 moon clips, does the cylinder rotate freely?              YES                     

Does cylinder binding occurs when using TK .050" moon clips.     NO

Does use of .050 moon clips allow use of OEM 40 S&W rounds?               YES                                   

TK Custom .050 moon clips are MUCH studier when trying to eject stuck cases!!  They do NOT deform like Ruger split clips!                                                                                                                      
This test passed……it's a BEAUTIFUL sign as to the strength of this product!!!!!!